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Denver Ends Pit Bull Ban

After 30 years, Denver, Colorado, is overturning its ban on pit bull terrier dogs.

As a personist, I am much more concerned about stereotypes against people than against dogs. But as an animal caregiver, I care about four-legged critters as well.

Pit bulls have gotten a reputation as a vicious breed. While race in human beings is not biological but socially defined, in dog breeds, “race” is biological. For example, as far as I know the largest healthy adult chihuahua is smaller than the smallest healthy adult rottweiler.

So does the pit bull breed have a definite tendency to attack people? No. According to the online Encyclopædia Britannica:

“Although these dogs were originally bred and trained to display aggression against other dogs, aggression against human was not encouraged because, even while fighting, the dogs had to be handled by their trainers.”

The dogs had to be responsive enough that, even when engaged in a deadly battle with another dog, they would not attack any of the intervening humans. But viciousness was looked for, so problems were caused by “irresponsible breeders encouraging such traits in their animals and mistreating them in order to induce a vicious temperament.”

In my personal experience, I not only took care of hundreds of dogs, including pit bulls, as a journalist I covered dog bites.  The local police station’s log either listed “dog bite” or “pit bull bite.” Pit bull terriers were the only breed they pointed out in the headings of their police log in a type of “dog racial profiling.”

A dog of any breed that’s irresponsibly handled can be a problem. If well handled, they can be like the original Pete the Pup, the friendly pit bull dog loved by the kids on Our Gang comedies, aka The Little Rascals.

Image from Our Gang is in the public domain.

An opinion of an individual member of The Loveshade Family does not necessarily reflect the views of the whole family.

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Who Can Beat Donald Trump–a White Male

This blog post was submitted to a political commentary site in March 2020. That’s months before America’s political parties decided on their candidates. But as COVID-19 was then the big political story, the publisher wanted to wait to consider it until later. COVID-19 is, unfortunately, still headline news. So before the presidential election happens, here it is.

As I am a borderline fanatical personist, I hate to even think this, but I have to face reality.

How was Donald J. Trump, who arguably doesn’t even sound “presidential” unless he’s reading somebody else’s script, elected president? Why is it quite possible he could be re-elected?

I believe Trump was elected president of the United States in 2016, and could be re-elected in 2020, for three primary reasons:

1) The percentage of minorities in America was (and is) increasing; many “whites” see that as a threat. For a historical example, during the time of American slavery, “black” males were seen as inherently subservient. When slavery ended, the stereotype quickly changed to them being violent and raping white women. That’s entirely illogical, but it’s how stereotypes work. Fear can change one’s perspective very quickly and radically.

2) Many people weren’t (and aren’t) getting their news primarily from reliable, accurate news services. Instead, much of their news came from highly biased news commentators and from completely unreliable sources including shared posts on social media such as Twitter and Facebook. When they were students in school, they received little training on how to check on the reliability of news sources. That’s because, when they were kids, it wasn’t all that necessary. Most of the information people read and saw had been gone over by an editor or chosen by a librarian concerned about presenting accurate information. But right now we’re living in what I and others call the Misinformation Age, when inaccurate sources are more abundant than accurate ones.

3) Barack Obama was president of the United States–and he was black. (Actually, he had mixed ancestry, but I’ll ignore that here as it was generally ignored). Any fear that the minorities posed a real threat of taking over America was verified in the minds of many white voters.

So you have non-Hispanic white people who are afraid of minorities taking over, and believe inaccurate things about them. And they’re afraid.

Well guess what? Women are socially considered a minority. I think many of the same people the above three points apply to are also afraid of the idea of a woman being president. Including some women.

Being a personist, I don’t like this at all. Even though I’m classified as a non-Hispanic white male, I have a minor from my university’s Ethnic and Women’s Studies Department. With my first three friends being girls, I rejected the concept of sexism at about age 6. When a little older, I studied American Indian dance on a reservation and performed at local events. As an adult, I ran a computer lab at a school that was about 80% Hispanic, and was once the only male to help set up an event for women’s rights. I am very strongly opposed to discrimination and prejudice, and have actively written and worked against them.

But I’m also a realist. For right now, the 2020 presidential election year, I think a candidate who has the best chance of beating Donald J. Trump in the presidential race is going to be this: a non-Hispanic (and probably non-Jewish) white male.

An opinion of a member of The Loveshade Family does not necessarily reflect the views of the whole family.

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Bad Moon Rising Author Preview

No, I’m not in this, but some authors I like are.

“….how about we have some fun meeting new authors, learning more about them with entertaining interviews, and finding some spooky reads? Bad Moon Rising is thirty-one days of horror, paranormal, supernatural, and thriller indie authors throughout the month of October. With adult, young adult, and children’s stories, there’s something for everyone.” — Teri Polen

Authors include

C.S. Boyack
John W. Howell
Cage Dunn
Carol B. Allen
Victoria Zigler
Jessica Bakkers
Paula Cappa
Jonathan Pongratz
Matt Doyle
Jean M. Roberts
Laya V. Smith
Sue Rovens
Mae Clair
Jina S. Bazzar
Audrey Driscoll
Roberta Eaton Cheadle
Wayne Turmel
Marcia Meara
Teagan Riordain Geneviene
John Hazen
Armand Rosamilia
Shari Sakurai
Brenda Marie Smith
Deby Fredericks
Allan Hudson
Steve Stred
Michael Patrick Hicks
D.G. Driver
Stevie Turner
Phillip T. Stephens
James J. Cudney

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Lorien Loveshade Marries Herbie 6 August 2020

Lorien Loveshade (Artariel) and Herbie (Enchantric) were sothers (significant others, girlfriend and boyfriend) from 6 August 2003 to 6 August 2005. They had a “trial separation” that led them in different directions–until 6 August 2018, when they became a couple again.

So after Herbie proposed marriage to Lorien on 16 June 2019 at The Gathering at the Grove, is it any wonder they set their wedding date for 6 August 2020?

What they of course could not predict was the current pandemic. So they are doing what some couple are doing this year, having a virtual wedding. They will be together, as will those immediate family members and friends who reside with them (Herbie’s offspring Emma and Christopher, and their roommate Mindy). Other family members will be gathered in their own homes, and others will do as they choose.

I was honored with helping write the wedding ceremony (I’ve written or helped write several now).

Congratulations to Herbie and Lorien, and to the family they’re bringing together!

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Gen Con July 30 – Aug. 2, 2020

Gen Con is the largest tabletop-game convention in North America by both attendance and number of events.” So says Wikipedia. This year, it’s happening online from July 30 – Aug. 2.

I’ll be there–will you?

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Queen Titania’s Court Interview

An interview of both me and one of my characters is now online! Fyrnux is a genderless student at the University of Vonyai. She tells Queen Titanis about Oystra, a female from another world, who came to the university as an exchange student. Students on Fyrnux’ world are divided not by gender, but by eye color. Fyrnux has yet to learn the problems having a female student on a genderless campus can cause.

The story is part of the fantasy/horror/science fiction collection Exchange Students edited by Sheila Hartney. Note that comments are disabled for this blog entry. That’s because I’d love your comments at Deby Frederick’s interview site at

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Queen Titania’s Court


Cover art by Laura Givens for “Exchange Students.”

Court of Titania, Queen of the Fairies.

All during the month of June, author Deby Fredericks will be welcoming fantasy authors and one of their characters to Queen Titania’s Court. Both the author and character will be answering questions.

I’m fortunate that I and my story “Orange Sun, Grey Sky” in the Shelia Hartney-edited anthology Exchange Students will be featured.

Check out Deby’s blog!

EDIT: You can read the interview at interview site

For Exchange Students, check


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FnordCon 2 Online April 17 – 19

That’s right, Steve Jackson Games’ cancelled FnordCon 2 convention is back on–only now online! It will be held from Friday, April 17 to Sunday, April 19, 2020.

Featured are the New Car Wars, Deadly Doodles, Munchkin, The Fantasy Trip, Illuminati Confirmed, Ogre, GURPS, and more! You can even meet John Kovalic and the SJ Games staff!

EDIT: See UPDATE below.

Announcement (which will have a link for the convention on Friday, April 17):

Virtual Schedule:

Facebook link:

UPDATE: Invite link to let you join can be found at

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Goodbye Kenny Rogers

Kenny Rogers, regarded as a “country music icon,” has passed away. He was 81.

Not only am I a fan of his music, I have some connections, largely emotional.

Years ago, right after a date when I was in college, I knew I had fallen in love for the first time. The song I was listening to at that moment was “The Gambler.” It was a cover version of a song written by Don Schlitz–the cover sung by Kenny Rogers, the first singer to put the song at no. 1 on the charts. So even though I was a poker player in college, I associate that song as much with love as with the game.

In my early journalism days, I was an editor of a college newspaper. One of my fellow students who contributed was one of Kenny Rogers’ sons. I remember him as creative and a nice guy.

Finally, I had a one act play produced for a California festival. While I haven’t verified it, that festival was apparently part of the inspiration for the Stagecoach Festival at which Kenny Rogers was scheduled to perform in his retirement tour. But he didn’t make it–he was already too ill.

As in the song “The Gambler,” Kenny Rogers has walked away. But we’ll continue to hold on to his music and his legacy.

Country Music Icon Kenny Rogers Dies at 81


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Exchange Students Coming to Your Planet

Cover art by Laura Givens for the fantasy/horror/science fiction collection “Exchange Students.”

I, Alden Loveshade, contributed the story “Orange Sun, Grey Sky” to this fantasy/horror/science fiction collection available 25 February 2020. The story follows a female exchange student on a planet where gender has been eliminated.

“Study abroad! See new places! Meet new people! In our exchange student program, you can literally study anywhere or anywhen you can imagine. We’ll send you to new planets. We’ll send you to new dimensions and realms of existence. We’ll send you through time itself! Read this exciting anthology packed with twenty-two tales of science fictional and fantastic exchange students.”

Edited by Sheila Hartney and published by David Lee Summers, it features stories by Roze Albina Ches, Jaleta Clegg, Ken Goldman, Paula Hammond, Sheila Hartney, Chisto Healy, Joachim Heijndermans, Sean Jones, Tim Kane, Alden Loveshade, Tim McDaniel, J Louis Messina, Jennifer Moore, Brian Gene Olson, David B. Riley, Katherine Quevedo, Holly Schofield, Jonathan Shipley, Lesley L. Smith, Emily Martha Sorensen, Margret A. Treiber and Sherry Yuan.

Note for GURPS fans: the galaxy in which my story is set was used in home, online, and Strategicon convention games.

Reserve (or purchase on 25 February 2020 or later) your copy in paperback or ebook form at the following:

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